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1. What is the history of Kiartys Engineering?

Kiartys Engineering was formed as a dual-sited company in February 2017 following the purchase of two formerly independent and successful Isle of Man engineering companies Manx Engineers and Kiartys Limited. That means that within Kiartys Engineering’s history is over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing precision components for some of the world’s key industry leaders. Since its formation, Kiartys Engineering has grown from strength to strength, investing in new machinery, growing its current customer base with new and exciting opportunities and attracting new customers thanks to its excellent performance and competitive approach to continuous improvement and automation. Kiartys Engineering can continue to look forward to further progress including the consolidation of both sites into a new facility in its not too distant future.


2. What do you manufacture and in which sectors are your customers?

We machine complex metal components that perform in the most demanding environments. So whatever the application, aircraft engines, military applications, oil and gas sub-sea piping, we are capable of providing the required solutions for our customers. We machine, assemble and kit products for the Aerospace, Military, Oil and Gas industries to name a few.


3. What are the positive reasons for basing the operation in the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is an excellent location for any engineering company. Its infrastructure and Government support programmes are tailored towards supporting engineering companies technically and commercially. I cannot speak highly enough of the way the Isle of Man has set itself up to make things as easy as possible for businesses thereby promoting the success of its island-based companies.


4. In what ways is the Isle of Man Government supportive of manufacturing?

First of all, bureaucracy or more importantly the lack of it. If I need to discuss an opportunity to invest in the business and need advice on the best routes to take for funding or support, I pick up the phone and within seconds, I am speaking to the relevant decision maker. As a business leader, I cannot tell you how refreshing that is. Couple that with the Government’s commitment to promoting manufacturing within schools on the island and its progressive support of the island’s apprenticeship programme, companies can be assured of having the necessary tools at their disposal to thrive and succeed.


5. Why do you consider involvement with the Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster important and what benefits does Kiartys Engineering get from being a Member?

The Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster provides a collaborative environment for its members from the smallest contractors to largest multi-nationals enabling networking, learning about industry trends, opportunities and threats affecting the Aerospace sector. One area that the Aerospace Cluster provides most benefit to Kiartys Engineering is its ability to leverage areas like transport costs on and off the island. It is a constant challenge to reduce costs and it is beneficial to have a resource like the Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster helping you do so.