Wednesday 13 November – Intellectual Property Workshop

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What is Intellectual Property?

Unlike the products they protect, IP assets cannot be seen or touched. So, it can be difficult for businesses to appreciate their true value. Like other forms of property, you can buy, sell and license IP. IP Rights can enable their owner to take action under civil law to try and stop others from replicating, using, importing or selling their creation.

Your business builds goodwill and recognition through your brand, product or service. This value builds up over time and becomes integral linked to your business’s IP assets. If used well, IP can offer a solid platform for any business to grow. How you plan, manage and protect your ideas should be a crucial feature in your business planning. What seems unimportant today could be worth millions of pounds in the future, if protected.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for those working in the Business Isle of Man economy. You could be a business owner, inventor, product designer, business adviser, business coach, accountant, those with the responsibility for managing an IP portfolio – or anyone with an interest in IP!

Who will be running the workshop?

We will be joined by members of the UK government’s Intellectual Property Office, who will be running the workshop.

What will the day involve?

10am – Registration and Welcome

10.30am – Trade Marks and exercise

11.30am – Copyright and exercise

12.30 pm – LUNCH

1.30 pm – Registered Designs and Patents

2.00pm – Exercise/ Q&A and take aways

2.30pm – Close


Register for the event here.