Business Agency visited the AMTC to understand its value in supporting the Engineering & Manufacturing sector on the Isle of Man

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The Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC) is a multi-million pound facility which hosts University College Isle of Man (UCM)’s manufacturing engineering courses. The centre was opened in 2014 and was designed in conjunction with industry to ensure students receive the best training and are prepared to start work within this industrial sector.

The Engineering Department programme area offers courses in mechanical/manufacturing engineering, electrical electronic engineering and motor vehicle. Full-time and part-time studies are available with progression from level 1 to level 6.

In addition to this, students from local high schools have the option to complete modules as part of their GCSE qualification in design technology at the centre. Some of the work they complete involves manual and CNC machining, Quality Control and engineering technologies. It is a valuable opportunity for pupils to be introduced to the world of engineering and manufacturing and develop vocational skills in a world class facility.

The AMTC also has close links to industry which ensures quality and content of training is aligned to industry requirements. There is a clear pathway to career progression and studies with the potential for some students to be offered employment onto apprenticeship schemes, supported by UCM.

David Hester, Business Isle of Man Manufacturing & Engineering Sector Champion and Chair of the Chamber of Commerce Engineering & Manufacturing Committee commented:

‘The island’s AMTC is an excellent addition to the other facilities available through the UCM for further and higher education in Engineering. Almost the entire island’s engineering and manufacturing employers rely on the AMTC to provide training for their annual intake of apprentices. The facilities, equipment and training are of a very high standard and at the envy of many other communities in the UK and beyond. The facility is also a resource for the island’s schools to expand their ability to introduce the practical side of engineering to their students.’

Tutors at the AMTC are committed to providing the best learning experience possible. They are passionate and confident that the skills and qualifications gained at the centre will lead to bright prospects. This lays the foundation for students to have a successful career in engineering and manufacturing and helps tackle the skills shortage that the industry is facing world-wide.

John Cashin, Assistant Programme Manager in the Engineering Department and a Tutor for the Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeship Course, commented:

‘Students who engage on our engineering courses develop skills, knowledge and competencies to support our local manufacturing industry which is vital for the Island. We will continue to work with the sector to ensure our students meet their aspirations, and industries requirements.’

The 2018 Employment and Skills fair is taking place at the Villa Marina in Douglas on Thursday 8th November.

If you are interested in learning more about the AMTC and the courses UCM have to offer, please visit Stand 34 in the Royal Hall. There will also be manufacturing and engineering industry representatives present who you can talk to about career opportunities and employment.

See this flyer for more information on qualifications, skills and experience needed for a career in Manufacturing and Engineering: IOM EM Careers Flyer