Awareness of Careers in Engineering (ACE) Programme

It has two key features:

1.Explaining what Engineering and Manufacturing actually is;

2.Highlighting the potential job opportunities

All lessons are interactive and are about having fun so that thought, laughter and working together (key Engineering and Manufacturing elements) are all used.

Each year group consist of about 900 pupils and the programme currently covers some 3600 pupils via lessons. In addition, the programme covers other year groups via presentations and/or attendance at options evenings. This means that at least another 1500 pupils are seen making a grand total of about 5600 pupils involved each year. Since the launch of ACE around 12% of the Island’s population have been involved in it!


Is ACE working?


Yes, in 2006 there were about 20 applicants for the 10 positions available on the Apprenticeship Scheme. Last year, the Scheme had over 200 applicants! The ACE programme is directly linked to the activities of the Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster to ensure that the programme continues to meet both its needs and that of the wider Sector.


Further information


If you are interested in being considered for our Apprenticeship Scheme or working in the Aerospace industry on the Isle of Man then please complete the contact form on this website. Contact Us or visit